Do you know where your patients are?


Find out who is on their way with Punctil ETA!

Extend your appointment and billing reminder programs with real-time status requests.
“On way to appointment?”
“Payments sent?”
Free and full-service programs available.

Here comes the press

  • "…consumers are increasingly sharing the burden of health care costs through high deductible plans. That is going to force patients to make smarter choices about how they spend their health care dollars. The sleeping giant—the health care consumer is waking up."


  • “The decisions a person (or their family) make drive health outcomes. For example, does the patient fill a prescription and take it properly (more than half don’t)? Traditional healthIT does virtually nothing to ensure that people make the necessary lifestyle choices to optimize their health.”


  • “Health care has long been ripe for disruption. Now, an emerging group of hot startups and savvy execs are going all-in on building bigger, smarter, and--yes--sexier health care technologies. Is change finally coming?”